A New Start: Financial & Social Services



A New Start: Financial & Social Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity Organization that is located in South Florida and Mississippi. We have national partnerships with community partners in various states such as Georgia, Louisiana, California, and Indiana. Internationally, we work in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, India, Philippines, and Indonesia. Our service areas are:

*Black Lives Matter

*Career Development


*Community health

*Cultural Arts



*Financial Literacy



*Human trafficking

*Interfaith Collaboration & Faith-based Programs; Religious Inclusion



*Mental health

*Tax Programs



*Women empowerment

*Youth mentorship

We also have three separate brands that provide very specific services in the areas of Golf, Basketball, and Asian Services. Overall, we are engaged in a various service areas and seasonal programs.

Sustainable Development Goals
118 People | 60 Impacts | 1,465 Hours

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Happy New Year Liz!!! Great to hear from you. Dr. Johnson-Desiral mentioned to me that there was a possible project with Dr. Greenbaum. We would be very interested. Please keep me in the loop.
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