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Below is a brief introduction to Teen Up-Ward Bound’s after-school and summer programs. For more information, please give us a call (305) 953-3397 or visit our website www.teenupwardbound.com

Teen Up-Ward Bound (TUB) has helped the community with hundreds of children and families to excel to new levels of success through our Youth Enrichment Camp. Our after-school program is for K-5 and is free for this school year plus a $75 one-time registration fee. The program has provided the extra academic help where 98% of TUB’s 3rd graders pass the FCAT and are promoted to the next grade. We pick up the students after and bring them to our center school and parents have until 6pm to pick them up. Our summer program enrolls K-12.  Students that attend TUB are encouraged to volunteer to receive extra consideration for later employment.

TUB serves many families that are not financially able to contribute much to offset the cost of these camp services. But through the support of funding and community partners, TUB continues to provide quality services, community outings and other fun social activities. This assistance to families affords the parents and caregivers the opportunity to receive services that may otherwise be unaffordable.

Teen Up-Ward Bound Youth Enrichment Camp is a model for the City of Opa-Locka and surrounding areas for quality programming. Lead by an enthusiastic board of directors, management team, employees and supporting cast of community partners and parents, the community has much to be enthusiastic about. 

TUB services have been enhanced to include a successful healthy living initiative of urban gardening, nutrition, wellness, physical fitness, and sports as well as entrepreneurship training with included stipends for high school students.

We also have food closets in two separate locations to help our community with their nutritional needs.


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